PROJECTS (US Ambassadorship)

Emerging from a close working alliance, the GNY team is proud to announce that Javier will be leading the way for, our new official US Ambassador. Javier recently co-founded myMOBY to address the global need for “Community Driven Delegate Services”. myMOBY is comprised of a solid team of community-focused innovators with a wide range of business and technical expertise. myMOBY will help drive social awareness about the customizable machine-learning power of

Blockchain Adventure Game

Incorporating neuroscientific methodologies into interactively entertaining digital gaming platforms to help transform realities through education and the adoption of blockchain and  other technological innovations. Blockchain  Adventure is an action adventure role-playing game (RPG) based on the history, concepts, and real-world applications of blockchain technology.

Community Outreach

The myMOBY team evangelizes blockchain technology raising public awareness, hosting targeted events, and conducting seminars. We're a diverse group of like-minded professionals who believe that leading efforts for the community adoption of quality blockchain projects is crucial in reaping the full benefits of technological innovations. myMOBY has proven its commitment to the blockchain community and has the tools, technologies and expertise it takes to create strong community-centric ecosystems for the projects we believe in.

Technology Education

We're committed to ensuring the health of the global blockchain ecosystem. Our tenured team has the skills, resources, and the technical savvy it takes to create strong community-centric foundations for our client projects. Our team stays busy raising public awareness through educational events and workshops. 

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